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The John Shrine-6/30/00
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    The John Shrine


    This page is devoted to the ever so sexy man, John.  *sigh*  .............ok.
Well on this page, you will find a bio on this delicious man & the latest news on him.  Or if you'd like, you can just look at his picture.

John Taylor News

June 30, 2000
   John spent his Birthday in Vancouver filming a new movie for VH1 called "Back in Black."  The movie is somewhat like the 'Twilight Zone.'  John is in the episode "Ballroom Blitz" & he plays Jimmy Blitz.  The movie is expected to air this Halloween on VH1.
   You can pre-order John Taylor postcards & the new live video, "Better Off Alive."  Go to TTP.

June 26, 2000 has been revamped!!

June 20, 2000
   The JT sighting was actually FALSE.

June 19,2000
   There was a JT sighting at Duran Duran's performance  at their Hollywood in-store signing!!

June 2, 2000
   The episode of "This is Your Life" that featured John, will be shown again on 6/5 on BBC1 at 8:30pm.

May 23, 2000
   There is going to be a live interview of  John on the web.  The interview will be at
   You can go to KROQ to listen to John performing for Richard Blades farewell party.
   John was also featured in the Japanese magazine, Juice.

May 22, 2000    
   Go here to listen to "Fields of Eden" live or "Getting Intimate"  Thanks to Claire :).

May 13, 2000
   TTP has been updated.


May 11, 2000
   John did an interview for the first episode of VH1's "Video Killed the Radio Star."  They will be showing it again, so look in your local listings.
   TTP has been updated, so go check it out.


May 10, 2000
   John Taylor was on Politically Incorrect last night for those of you who missed it.
   Here is an article about this gorgeous man.  http://
   Don't forget everyone, John is featured in the new Flintstones movie, "Viva Rock Vegas."


                    John Taylor Bio

Full Name:  Nigel John Taylor
Birthdate:  June 20, 1960
Birthplace:  Birmingham, England
Parents:  Jack & Jean
Siblings:  None
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  140-160lbs.
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Brown
Marital Status:  Divorced;  Remarried  (in my imagination, we're married :))
Age Started Playing Instruments:  16
Plays:  lead & bass guitar, piano
Fave Colors:  Red, black, white
Fave Food:  Chinese
Fave Drinks:  Tea, Orange Juice
Fave People:  Mom & Dad, Sean Connery
Fave Car:  Gold Aston Martin
Loves:  Going out, cars, music, videos, clothes, James Bond movies, memorabilia, animals
Dislikes:  No sense of humor, inconsiderate press

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